Our policy is to find the most suitable role for you.
We go to extra lengths to get to a stage where we can pass your details to a client knowing you are the most suitable for that role.
We arrange meetings at our expense to go through all details of the role which helps us personalise a shortlist for you
Included in these meetings are the technical aspects to show your capabilities and other areas e.g. how a contractor feels about being away from home every week for five days.


The economy has an ever changing face.
With our approach to recruiting we can offer terms that will align all avenues.
We will arrange short objective Face to Face meetings with a defined agenda to cover all aspects of your requirements.
We will assess these requirements and provide educated feedback to put into place a relationship to build upon.
All aspects of a client’s needs are important to us to allow the gain of valuable information improving the search for the right candidate.
The advantage with WorkWise is that all personnel have experience working as IT contractors enabling a fundamental understanding surpassing others.
For a short term contract, our focus would be on the skillset of the candidate; a longer term (6 months or more) would require a further set of factors to be considered to find the right candidate.
Our policy of Face to Face meets allows the full assessment of potential resources.
All WorkWise personnel have experience working as IT contractors enabling a fundamental understanding of working away and setting up a secondary base.
You will deal with technical people who have been in the IT field for many years so technical terms are not just words on paper to us.
WorkWise provides advice on your career, your CV and prepares you for interviews with clients.
We aim to build a relationship with you and progress together.
Our consultants are trained to develop a long term relationship with you, an in-depth understanding of your aspirations and motivations.
Our candidate management process includes a detailed interview, presentation of your resume, full briefings pre/post interview, expectation with offer management and post placement care.